AUSTRIA - Multiple actions take place across the country in honor of Karl Marx!

We document a report on the actions of the "200th birthday of Karl Marx from Austria. [Published:] On the 5th of May for the 200th birthday of Karl Marx actions took place in many Austrian federal states. These actions were part of an international campaign, which highlighted proletarian internationalism after Marx's teachings. The actions encompassed many small and some big contributions, that even caught the attention of Austria's bourgeois media. The campaign was planned, put into action and taken on with full force by the executing "Committee Karl Marx" and the comrades of Partizan Avusturia. On the "Karl-Marx-Hof" in Vienna, the biggest single residential building of the world, which spans several kilometers, red flags where mounted and speeches where held. On the "Brückenkopfgebäude" in Linz, which was originally constructed by German fascists, red flags with hammer and sickle were waving vigorously and triumphantly. When the actions where taking place, the masses didn't just show excitement, they also started cheering and some even burst into applause. On another action of bigger scale even big fireworks were fired. Some of the flags remained mounted in central places during the whole weekend, because none saw the need to take them down or to inform the responsible authorities. Another special aspect under which this campaign took place, was the 73rd anniversary of the liberation of the concentration camp of Mauthausen, which took place the same day as Karl Marx's birthday. This is another occasion, which fills all revolutionaries with joy, since the liberation of this concentration camp remains a symbol of the smashing of Nazi-fascism. The campaign "200th birthday of Karl Marx" gave a powerful impulse to the work of revolutionaries in the country. The "Committee Karl Marx" knew, that together with him these and similar actions were taking place in many countries around the world. With that they felt the power of Marx's teachings even more. Building on this, many victories in our works will be a sure thing - internationally and in Austria. "Workers of the world unite!" Committee Karl Marx

In the following a picture from the bourgeois media in Austria, which reported about an action (German):

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