MADAGASCAR - 30 protesters shot dead by police forces

70 years of Malagasy Uprising in 1947-48

Since 21st of April big protests arose in Madagascar against new electoral laws, against widespread corruption, against rising prices of rice and transportation and inflation. In the first demonstration three people were killed, then the protests got even bigger. Until now around 30 protesters were shot dead (other newspapers speak about 80 dead and 300 wounded!) by police forces. The „opposition“ leader Ravalomanana showed that he is afraid of the great force of the mass protests: "I call on churches to convince those who are not yet convinced to engage in dialogue to find a solution to the crisis. If not, we can no longer contain (the anger of) the people,".

On the 29th of April the protesters called for general strike against the government, especially because of the many people shot dead. The protests show that all the parties, who are servants of imperialists, will never serve the people, they are afraid of the peoples uprising, they want to push the protests back, call out for „peace“, even thought their police is shooting protesters!

70 years ago there was the Malagasy Uprising, from March 1947 until December 1948. The masses and their nationalist leadership knew that real independence cannot be reached by only bourocratique change. The uprising was lead by the Mouvement démocratique de la rénovation malgache (MDRM). More then one million militants fought against french colonialism and imperialism. The french colonialists managed only one and half year later to smash the uprising, by killing around 100.000 people. The imperialists and their servants in Madagascar use the same methods today, because their fear the peoples will for liberation. The masses will create their revolutionary leadership to smash colonialsm and imperialism following the way of new-democratic revolution!

Hold high the Malagasy Uprising!

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