AUSTRIA - Powerful action on verge of new campaign start

Activists in Austria finished an one year lasting campaign for "100 Years Great Socialist October Revolution" in Vienna with an impressive action. Following unofficial translation we found on "" and was published at the homepage "".

100 years October Revolution: Powerful action at the Urban-Loritz-Square With the 1st of May 2018, the one-year-lasting campaign “100 years Great Socialist October Revolution” comes to an end. On this occasion, a regional event took place in Vienna as well as a public action to finish the campaign vigorously. At the Urban-Loritz-Square, a major traffic hub in Vienna where tens of thousands of people every day enter, leave and change transportation, an action was made and more so, it was done on a day where at the civic hall next by a big concert took place. Two banners were hoisted in order to connect the old Year of Combat with the new one: “Everything is illusory, except power!”, which refers to Lenin’s vigorous slogan shortly before the socialist revolution in Russia, and a banner in honor of the 200th Birthday of the Great Karl Marx, the founder of scientific socialism. This date shall be festively initiated and celebrated!

The kindling of flares and the powerful slogan „Everything is illusory, except power, trust in your own strength!” created much attention from passersby. Videos were made, heads were raised in surprise in the direction of the action and people even clapped and shouted affirmations. On the phone, a pedestrian told his acquaintance: “Hey Hawara, come here. It’s about the power, damn awesome!” An activist who took part in the action stated: “The experience of this action for me confirms the principles of communism, as Mao Tse-Tung said: You have to trust in the masses and the party, without them one will accomplish nothing”. This action was a befitting campaign finish in Vienna. Most certainly, Lenin’s slogan “Everything is illusory, except power!” was politically expressed very

vividly and the path towards the next actions was shown.

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