Austria - Numerous actions in support of the people’s war in India

Following we want to document a report from Austria, where numerous activities were developed, regarding the 49th anniversary of the founding of Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist). [source:] “If one wants the revolution, one has to have a revolutionary party” (Mao Zedong) On the 49th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) numerous actions in five federal districts in Austria took place. The revolutionaries in Austria organized meetings, made an action in front of the Indian ambessy und many posters and paintings where put on walls, with the attitude of proletarian internationalism. Today the Communist Party of India (maoist) continues the way which was started in 1969 under heavy circumstances. People’s war in India today is the biggest revolution in the world and revolutionaries all over the world express their solidarity – because it is a shining role model in the struggles for revolution and the reconstruction of the Communist party. At this great occasion the struggle for the liberation of political prisoners was put in the centre by the revolutionaries in Austria. In the prisons of the hindufascist Indian state more than 10.000 revolutionaries and communists are kept in captivity. Amongst those are great representatives of the revolutionary movement like Professor G.N. Saibaba who was sentenced to a life penal. Dispite the repression, terror und genocide in India they are not able break the neck of the revolution. In the opposite, the way of the new democratic revolution is breaking it’ way through, under the leadership of it’ revolutionary party, the Communist Party of India (maoist). Freedom for all political prisoners in India! Recognition of the prisoners of war in India! Support the people’s war in India!

Long live proletarian internationalism! Vienna – Revolutionary activists organized a meeting in Vienna, in which the history of the Communist Party of India (maoist) as well as the situation of political prisoners where topics. Especially the unbending attitude of the Indian comrades deeply impressed the guests and in the end of the meeting they were convinced that “they have to make their struggle to ours”! With great internationalist enthusiasm and full of vitality an action in front of the Indian embassy was organized to show that the genocide in India is nor accepted in Austria and people’s war is supported!

Linz – A successful meeting was organized in Linz on this occasion. Activists and revolutionaries prepared different contributions. Some related to an interview with comrade Saibaba which was published a few years ago. The day after activists drew attention on the demand of immediate release of Dr. G.N. Saibaba, with a transparent, signs, flyers and slogans, around the city. Also the question of the Communist party of India (maoist) was a topic. This attracted much attention and approval, especially in view of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party in Austria, which is taking place this year. On this occasion big posters were made!

Graz - On the 49th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of India, there was an information evening in Graz on the Naxalbari uprising and the development of the People's War in India: how it came into being, what our Indian comrades have achieved so far. Then there was a painting on a wall at one of the most frequented underpasses in Graz, right next to the construction site of the planned Murkraftwerk, where in recent years one of the largest mass movements in Graz has developed.

Salzburg - Also in Salzburg poster campaigns were carried out in support of the people's war in India!

Innsbruck - In Innsbruck, there was an information evening where activists reported on the current situation in India on the one hand, and emphasized the importance and historical development of the CPI (maoist) on the other hand. In addition, poster campaigns were carried out to draw attention to the importance of the Revolutionary Party and the struggles of the Indian masses.

In particular, it should be emphasized that on 22.4. In Salzburg and Innsbruck bourgeois elections took place and in this context the party founder Charu Mazumdar played as a consistent defender of the election boycott an important role in all actions!

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