HUNGARY - 100.000 protesters against the government

Prime Minister Viktor Orban has been re-elected on Sunday for his third term in office. This has sparked big demonstrations on Saturday, April 14. In Budapest and several other cities, about 100.000 people marched the streets against this "new" government. The next protests are planned for next weekend.

Orban and his fascist government are known for their corruption and especially for their oppression and torture of refugees trough their legislation. They now have the parliamentary supermajority, which means they can pass any law without the support of any opposition party. The people also oppose, that almost every hungarian news medium is under their control.

Most of the people protesting against this new government are young, and a lot of them still have many illusions about the European Union. A lot of antifascists and others think that democracy for the majority of the hungarian people can only be achieved through a seemingly "democratic parliamentary party" working together with the EU. But the EU has proven time and time again, that they are just an alliance of the imperialist european countries. Integrating eastern european and balkan countries into the EU only makes the opression and exploitation by the Imperialists like Germany, France, Austria and others easier. The people of the opressed EU countries have experienced what that means to them: more poverty and no perspective, only empty words. The only sucessfull way for the hungarian people to eke for democracy is to kick out these imperialist and to strike down the fascist government, doesn't matter what parliamentary party they're from.


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