COLOMBIA - Combative protests of the Students!

University and highschool students took to the streets to protest for better education financing.

Colombia is going through a financial crisis in the education sector, especially of higher education (high school and university), in which the state, servant of the ruling class, is pushing to bring forward policies in favor of big capitalists', landowners' and imperialists' interests.

In order to stop the state and the ruling class from doing as they please, students organized nationwide protests.

In Medellin, Antioquia the protests showed its most combative face. Students organized by MESP (Student's movement at the service of the people) blocked streets forcing transit to stop and unwrapped protest banners with their demands written on them.

The MESP gave the protest a combative character. They demanded the education system to become open for the popular masses, especially sons and daughters of workers and peasants. They made themselves clear in how they wanted to achieve this: Only by organizing and mobilizing in a conscious and combative way, fighting any kind of oportunism!

We salute the students of MESP and the students joining the protests!

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