ETHIOPIA - Mega dam – threat for peace or chance for development?

For years the biggest hydroelectric power plant in Africa was built in Ethiopia. Just some months ago construction works got to an end, but there is still a lot of discussion about it. According to Ethiopian officials one of the power plants purposes is to generate electricity for 70% of the countries population.

From the beginning on, there was a lot of criticism about the dam because of possible losses in water. The dam is filled with water form the Nil of which especially Egypt is dependent. 90% of Egypt's water come from this river. Egypt rulers shows itself concerned about the dam. In past it already announced to defend “it’s water”, if necessary with war.

This gets also interesting when we look at the local regimes and whom they serve.

Egypt is a loyal puppet of US-imperialism which is loosing ground in Africa compared with Chinese imperialism which is pushing forward there. China spent $1,8bn for the electrical equipment and turbines of the power-plant. China also exploits crude oil in Ethiopia and is involved in so called "land grabbing".

Independent of the threat for millions of people that can suffer and die from a war on water, the dam only helps the imperialists and their local puppets with creating enormous profits. The praised economic growth in Ethiopia didn’t help the local people at all. They still hunger to death while the profits of the imperialists rise!