ALBANIA - Burning Tollgate

In the north of Albania the Government has built a new tollgate on the Highway at the city Kukes. It lies on the most important connecting road between Albania and Kosovo.

The people got angry and began to burn and destroy the gate. Some of the protesters were struggling against the police, 26 people got injured. The president of Albania, Edi Rama, condemned the justified rebellion of the protesters and now wants to punish them. Some protesters already have been imprisoned.

The tollgate means bad conditions for poor drivers. A trip on the Highway will get unaffordable for wide parts of the masses.The connecting roads are important for the imperialists because of the export and import traffic. The Highway will be used mainly for transit traffic and some tourists and the majority of the people must doge on country roads. Most of the country roads are in a very bad state and the distances from one city to another are longer than on the highway, so the cars will break down faster and it will need more fuel.

The rebellion of the masses is justified, it is a consequence from the capitalists interest on more profit, on the back of the people.

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