FRANCE - FRAP campaign against fascist local in Marseille

Since many weeks the antifascists of Marseille, with the comrades of the Front Révolutionnaire Antifasciste de Provence (FRAP) at its forefront, fight against the opening of the fascist local “Bastion Social” in their city. Already its renovation period was disrupted by a massive amount of attacks on the local itself. On many occasion the windows were trashed, red paint sprayed on its wall and graffiti wrote on its walls.

For the 24th of March, the final opening ceremony of the local was planned, after a series of setbacks. Even the arch-reactionary CasaPound out of Italy splashed out to mobilize and send some of their people to Marseille for this occasion. The cheap celebration of the fascists however was fully overshadowed by the militant antifascist counter demonstration. We document some the pictures of the demonstration and the actions against this local.

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