MEXICO - Comrade Javier López Martinez

Today we share the sad news of the death of comrade Javier López Martinez of Sol Rojo. We at New Epoch Media mourn this great loss, but salute comrade Javier López Martinez life, which he set at the service of the proletarian revolution in the service of the class struggle. His achievements and struggles are an great example to us all, which are to be upheld by each and everyone of us and will never be forgotten.

Thus we share with you a communicate released by Sol Rojo:

"Today we communicate to all the peoples of Oaxaca, Mexico and the world the sad news of the death of a really important militant of our organisation.

Comrade Javier López Martinez, also affectionately called Comandante Rojo, died on the 19th of March of respiratory arrest. His family, friends and comrades hold up the best of his memories, forged in the heat of the class struggle.

Who was Javier López Martinez?

Of humble origin, son of a father and a mother of the working class, he entered the industrial proletariat at a young age and took up different jobs as machinist, fork-lift operator, truck driver and more. Later on, with the same robust and callous hands he spent some time in the Mexican military. This would be the place where he would grow to hate the regime, the enemy of the workers and masses, which is represented by the old state.

He put his knowledge and energy to the service of the working class and founded the settlement of the people "Occupation Francisco Villa".

Comrade Javier was one of the 25 political prisoners of the 7th of June 2015 and was imprisoned in the high security prison of Villa Aldama in Veracruz CE.FE.RE.SO #5. Later, he would be sent to the state prison of Etla in Oaxaca CE.FE.RE.SO #2. Comrade Javier was imprisoned for a total of 16 months and was on permanent probation until this day.

In this sense we can confirm that the thought of amnesty or remission never crossed comrade Javier's mind - not even when the old state and its representatives went as far to suggest an apology in exchange for his "freedom". And while it was the right decision to spend his life in probation until his death, it was this decision to fight until the very end, which led him to leave us as a truly free man.

Who doesn't remember our Comandante Rojo in the class struggle, in the confrontation with the apparatus of repression of the old state? Who deosn't remember how he organised the rage of the people and how he fanned the flames of rebellion, their longing to fight?

We are sure no one will be able to forget the steadfastness of his actions or the bravery of his voice when giving an order,with which he defended the flag of Sol Rojo, that flag that with an iron fist he made into his own. Something is certain: Javier López Martinez founded Sol Rojo! For this the name of our comrade will be affectionately remembered in each and every corner of Oaxaca, but also in other corners of Mexico in which our organisation is present. His voice will echo a hundredfold in the comming battles, protests and street fighting, skirmishes and strikes, in the turmoils and the insurrection, which in the long-lasting People's War will be taken up dialectically as the universal scientific proletarian revolution and its goal being the New-democratic Revolution and Socialism.

The enemies of the people, the sickening critics of the proletrian revolution, may make any kind of comments to distort the image of our dear comrade. The same can be said of the flattering oportunists, of which sweet words and smooth tricks are to be expected, which under the command of the reaction and of revisionism will try to undermine any efforts done by this combatant of the people and this leader of the working-class in the class struggle. Each and all of them we will answer with the same strenght our comrade taught us and left for us as an example.

Comrade Javier López Martinez lives in the struggle!

Long live Comandante Rojo!

Glory and honor to the combatant of the people!

We dare to fight!

Don't vote, organise and fight!

The people will triumph with Sol Rojo!

Let the workers rule the land!"

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