AFRICA - Inner African free trade as a mean to solve the economic crisis?

On the 21st of March 44 from 55 representatives of African Union (AU) states signed a deal to create the African Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). This shall help the African countries to get wealthy and bring the countries closer to each other, so it says.

Some labor unions already attacked AfCFTA because it will lead to more “competition” or better said wage-dumping. It’s already obvious, the rulers will profit and the people lose.

Some people might take up the argument of the signing politicians, “it’s good if African countries work closer together and try to help themselves”, but this stands in total contradiction to the reality of the African people.

It’s obvious, that AfCFTA is in the interests of the imperialists: The people shall believe, there’s an alternative to overthrow their corrupt governments and built up peoples democracy and to rise their profits.

There is no way to build up independent economic under the oppression of the imperialists, the economical question of Africa can not be solved "inside" the African states without defeating imperialism! With AfCFTA it is not a step forward against imperialism and that is a well known fact within the struggling masses!

Smash AfCFTA! Down with imperialism!

#AfricanFreeTradeArea #AfCFTA