Spain: Immigrants and youth in fury

Hundreds of immigrants and Spanish youths protested violently on the streets of central Madrid, capital of Spain, in repudiation of the death of a 35-year-old Senegalese immigrant, which happened on 15 March. Mmame Mbage, who had been in Spain for 14 years, apparently had a heart attack due to a police chase. Demonstrators held more than four hours of protests that went throught the night of March 16, after which three bank agencies and also police vehicles were destroyed. There were burning barricades of the demonstrators through the streets. Facing the police with sticks and stones, the protest left at least 10 repression agents injured. Even by using rubber bullets the repression was not able to hold the protest and six young Spanish youth were detained.

Crime against the masses

Mbage survived in Spain selling bags and perfumes, as a street vendor. He, who was an unregistered immigrant, arrived the country in 2004 by a boat, while fleeing the misery to which his nation - Senegal - is submitted through the semicolonial domain.

according to street vendors his death was due to the chase the policemen, who were on motorcycles. Mbage fled, afraid to be deported, and eventually collapsed.