INDIA - Protest of 35.000 peasants

The situation for peasants in India is very bad, their income is often not enough to survive. In order to maintain their business, they are forced to take credit. Due to the high level of over-indebtedness, an average of 2.500 peasants commit suicide per year.

On March 6th, more than 35.000 peasants gathered and en-marked on a march of 170 km to Mumbai. They reached Mumbai after 6 days with their demands.The farmers announced in advance that they would leave Mumbai only if their demands become accepted.

As the farmers arrived in Mumbai, members of the government were sent to negotiate. After a few hours, the government envoy promised to take 80% of the claims. The main demands were accepted and written. They include: right of tribes on forest land, waivers of loans since 2008, promotion prices for agricultural products, water conservation project.

The protest has attracted nationwide attention. In the past, it has often been shown that the government has made false promises to farmers. Therefore, the farmers insisted in this protest on the textualization of the agreement.

They will continue to struggle if the government fails to keep its promises.

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