BALKANS – Demonstrations for the international day of women's struggle!


In Tirana women held a demonstration on March 8th to demand equal rights and to bring their justified demands out on the streets.


In Kosovo, too protesters rallied on the streets on the international day of women's struggle.


In Zagreb, the demonstration on the 8th of March was the biggest compared to the last few years. This reveals, that more and more women conscientiously or not, perceive the growing contradiction between them and the class of the Imperialists and the government.

In the Balkan countries, who where once Socialist, and later Revisionist, the international day of women's struggle has been degraded to a day where people „celebrate women“ and give them flowers. It‘s a measure to cover up the true history and meaning of the 8th of March, where women struggle for equality. But the revolutionary and communist women in the Balkans now a days make the 8th of March a struggling day again!

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