AUSTRIA - Report March 8th 2018

Report about the 8th of March in Austria [source:]:

„Down with Patriarchy and Imperialism!“

Besides the international meaning and the meaning of the 8th of March for the women‘s struggle in the rows of the Revolution, March 8th this year in Austria stood in a row with the Antifascist Protests against the new government, the most aggressive representatives of the ruling class.

The Antifascist Demonstrations of the last few months already had a strong participation of women. Especially the women in the rows of the struggling Anti-fascism expressed their fury and determination to struggle! It was clear to see on March 8th, that this uprising of the mass movement had brought a new dynamic to the development of the women’s movement.

In Vienna two demonstrations were held, in which 2000 women participated. It was especially noticeable that a lot of migrant women, particularly Muslim women took part and demonstrated against racist laws like the headscarf ban. The Red Women‘s Committee Vienna in particular was noticeable with their loud shouted paroles, mostly with the parole „Proletarian Feminism for Communism!“. One activist has reported us, that they were able to make important steps for their work in the future. The activists had apparently distributed hundreds of posters in the mobilization period already. Also in other cities like, Linz, Innsbruck or Graz actions and demonstrations took place. One activist of the Red Woman’s Committee Linz reported: “(…) But it was really good, that even more women than last year have found themselves clearly in the rows of the Revolution! This was very important for us, because it showed us that we have come one step further in the realization of our goals, as defined in the Document for the day against violence against women“.

The women in the demonstrations on March 8th, especially those who struggle in the rows of the revolutionaries, those who defend proletarian feminism, have attacked the pseudo-theory of the „inferior female nature“ and showed that they are ready the struggle against the patriarchy and Imperialism. With paroles, signs and pictures, the international character of this struggle against Imperialism and the patriarchy was rightfully came to the fore. Although there are a few points to critique that were lacking, March 8th in general was very good for the Austrian women’s movement, because activists reported that they were able to make important steps forward or confirm them for their work in the future.

The women showed that they‘re not weak, apolitical or silent. The opposite is the case! They struggled for emancipation and they know, that the emancipation of women can only be the work of the women themselves!

Unleash the fury of the women as a mighty weapon for the revolution! Establish Red Women’s Committees!

Down with Patriarchy and Imperialism!

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