SERBIA - Protest on 8th of March in Belgrade

In the Serbian capital various feminism organizations get there requirements against the patriarchy structures loudly on the streets. The demonstration involved about 250 people which includes for example "Romske ženske mreže" (Roma-women-network), "Plenuma žena za štrajk" (plenum of women's strike), „Mreža žena protiv nasilja" ( women's network against violence) and other different organizations.

On there transparent was written "Žene, život, sloboda“ (women, live, freedom), „Smrt fašizmu sloboda ženama“(death to fascism, freedom to the women) or „Za radna prava ženama“ (for women employment law) „Za ljudski ženska prava“ (for more human rights to women) „za žensku solidarnost“ (for solidarity with women). The feminist shouted often „Neću ružu, hoću revoluciju" (i don't want roses, i want the revolution). They focus against the falsified importance of the international women' s day, which on 8th of march the women „respected“ with some flowers an small gifts instead of fighting for there equlity in the society, wich only comes with a revolution.

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