South Africa: Why does the EFF demands expropriation of white land owner?

73% of the land in South Africa is in the hand of white People. On tuesday, the 5th of march, the Party EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) did an application in parliament for a new law to expropriate white land owners without compensation.

That still 73% of the land is in the hand of white land owner shows, that even though Apartheid is over, the imperialist exploitation in South Africa is still for a huge part directly in the hand of the white and is built on rascism. That the government is thinking about a law like that shows, that they are afraid of the rebellion of the black people. They want to make the black people to trust an believe in parliament, that parliament could change the suppression and rascism of black people.

A law for expropriation of white will not free the black suppressed people, because the state is in the hands of the compradores of imperialism. Only threw the New Democratic Revolution, threw the Unity of all suppressed classes against Imperialism and Feudalism they can smash the rascist and feudal land distribution threw agriculutral revolution.

The following picture shows the comemoration of fascist of killed white land owners.

White Fascist memorate the killed farmers in South Africa