ITALY – Declaration of the „Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement“ to 8th of March

In the following we document the declaration of the "Revolutionary Prolatarian Feminist Movement" Italy to 8th of March 2018:


8th march - Declaration of Italy

Many women are struck in terms of job. In spite of the distorted stats propagated by of the government and the mass media, the reality is that the jobs on the rise for women are ultra-precarious, with few hours, very little wages, no rights, while the dismissals, the open-ended layoffs schemes increase, as well as tough working conditions and the hateful sexual discrimination, on maternity, when women work or look for a job. At the same time, workers women are denied the opportunity to retire earlier by not recognizing their double work. The women who work in the sectors of services, cleaners, the immigrants, the agricultural laborers, are over-exploited up to conditions of modern slavery.

The burden of the lack of social services and care, weighs like an unbearable boulder on women, chained to a degrading domestic work. Many living intellectual energies, of girls and students are humiliated by a mortifying future.

On the front of the low intensity conflict, of hatred against women, made of femicides, rapes, sexual violence of all kinds, the bourgeois State with its governments, its media, its control bodies, its forces of repression - full of men in uniform, fascists, who hate, rape, kill women – its apparatus of (in)justice, on the one hand they feed the sexist humus, creating the objective and super-structural conditions for such a situation, on the other hand they force a worse cure than the disease, increasing by law the action of control, prohibitions, desertification of social spaces, etc.

What this bourgeois State fears more than anything else, which is its true "problem", is the rebellion, the struggle of women, to which the repression is more and more often the response.

The advance of a modern fascism in our country, and at European, world level, particularly in the imperialist countries, leads to exacerbate the oppressive policies and ideology, exalting the sexist, patriarchal, racist ideas, the hatred towards women as a reaction to the women who rebel and break the family relationships considered “property” of man.

Get organized to unleash the revolutionary fury of women against the state, the government, the bosses, the men who hate women.

When the attack against women is overall, the struggle can only be overall. When women struggle, inevitably they bring in the struggle their whole condition of double exploitation and oppression, and therefore a drive to fight with more strength and determination, they bring a "plus" that must enrich the overall struggle of the proletarians and people’s masses against the capitalist society.

In the last two years hundreds of thousands women have taken to the streets in our country, they have "discovered" the weapon of the women's strike – the spark of which in Italy had been ignited by the Mfpr since 2013. The large demonstrations and the number of strikers show that the women's movement is big. The biggest mass movement currently existing in Italy and in Europe.

Women's strike today is a real, concrete (and not just virtual) weapon for proletarian women who have nothing to lose but their double chains in this society.

The women's strike is a breaking, a challenge that brings into play and increasingly changes consciousness, organization and balance of power, raises the need to question everything - because it is the whole life that has to change - and brings out the potential of the revolutionary struggle of the majority of women.

Within this large movement of women there are different positions – which we can outline as left, center and right – reflecting the different classes and strata existing among women (middle bourgeoisie, petty bourgeoisie, proletariat). And today it is clearer and clearer on the mass level that there are two positions, two paths.

Proletarian women, who struggle and need a constant struggle, must win and play their vanguard role in the general movement of women, to establish the class point of view and perspective in all matters, that of the proletarian revolution. For this, the autonomous organization, the unity of proletarian women, is needed. But we also need to overcome backwardness, particular or narrow views, so that proletarian women fight against all attacks, on their work and life conditions as ell as against all practical and ideological-cultural oppression, against all sexual violence, against every repression of women's movement.

In doing this the proletarian women must be "more feminist than the feminists", because, suffering not one but all the oppressions, they are the most determined and coherent force against the capitalist system.

For such an organization, as outpost in the struggle of the women and proletarians the proletarian revolutionary feminist movement works every day, in practice, in theory, in the fire of the struggles.

In the recent election campaign the women's movement was the only organized movement that said NO to any electoral instrumentalisation by any party or list, effectively breaking the illusions of the “electoral change”, because the bourgeoisie, its parties, do not give and never will give any true solution to the many attacks, discrimination, violence suffered by women every day, because the interweaving of class oppression and gender oppression of women is one of the foundations for the existence and preservation of the capitalist society.

In this electoral campaign so many girls, young precarious workers, comrades form social centers, feminists, etc. were in the front row in the fight against fascists, combative in the resistance and response to the violent police attacks.

This is important. Because first of all women can not think that the "normal", peaceful struggle, the electoral way can be sufficient to really change the things. A true liberation and emancipation of the majority of women requires that this bourgeois society is not reformed, improved but only overthrown by the revolutionary struggle.

We need a revolutionary proletarian feminist movement that unleashes the rebellion, the strength of women, primarily the proletarian women, against all aspects of oppression, exploitation, sexual violence of this social system. The struggle of women must be marked by the intertwining of the feminist demands with the proletarian class struggle which is the discriminating factor to separate the revolutionary proletarian feminism, which wants to overthrow the bourgeois system from earth to heaven, from petty or middle bourgeois reformist feminism that wants just to improve it.

All the women who speak of “to change the ideas”, "culture", "education", or are either naive or unconscious epigones of the ideology of this bourgeois system. The prevailing ideas are those of the ruling class. Without overthrowing the ruling class, without the "revolutionary practice", the process of cultural revolution to change ideas does not start. Any real advancement, any practical break made by the struggle of women, is worth 1000 attempts to transform ideas under this society.

Against opportunism and pacifism, revolutionary proletarian feminism must state that against the reactionary violence of this system women need to organize their force, able of responding to the violence of the bourgeois state with the revolutionary violence. The question of revolutionary violence is not an idea but an important dividing line related to the perspective of the overthrow of the capitalist social system. The goal affects the radicalization of the struggle and the forms of organization.

Engels wrote: “Violence is the midwife of every ancient society, pregnant with a new society”.

Let us take back the revolutionary value of March 8

This day was proclaimed by the communist women who fought for socialism. Even today, the struggle for a true liberation of women is the struggle for a socialist society resulting from the proletarian revolution, in which women bring the “plus” of demanding and applying a 360° change! A socialist society based on the proletarian power in which women establish, and put into the practice, that no real transformation of the conditions of oppression is possible without a revolution in the revolution that breaks every residue of material and ideological chains, that imposes the breaking of patriarchal, sexist, ideas and practices and the transformation of men.

A socialist state that considers and treats the femicides, the rapes as one of the most serious crimes against humanity, which puts the implementation of both the objective conditions - work, socialization of social services, the abolition of domestic work - and cultural, ideological, freedom conditions, for a true liberation of women, of the whole humanity.

It is this battle, that the certain hope, need and dream of revolution unites us to all the women who fight in arms, even giving their lives, from India, to Turkey, to Kurdistan, from the Philippines, to Peru, Palestine , etc.

Revolutionary Proletarian Feminist Movement

March 8, 2018