DENMARK - 22 points against ghettos

One fascist law chases the next. In Denmark there should be a new package of measures to tackle ghettos and their inhabitants. "If you grow up here, you have fewer opportunities in life than growing up anywhere else, "Løkke Rasmussen said at the press conference in Copenhagen's Mjølnerparken, one of the affected areas. "The ghettos must go." The package includes 22 points, among other things."Criminals" can be punished harder in certain parts of the city than in others who are caught in a ghetto for vandalism, drug trafficking, burglary or threats, so that they can be punished twice as hard: this is an attack not only on democracy but on the Human rights too. This law is increasingly forcing those affected back. The answer must be a strong resistance of the Danish masses and the migrants living in Denmark against this law and the fascist Danish state. The Danish state must be fought with all its harshness and with the anger of the masses and the spirit of anti-fascist Danish resistance!

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