MONTE NEGRO - US Embassy attacked by a bomb

A veteran of the Yugoslav war Dalibor Jaukovic attacked the US Embassy in Podgorica, the capital of Monte Negro and died after the second explosion. The president of Monte Negro Filip Vujanovic just regrets the attack on the US Embassy, but he does not care for the people which lives in poor conditions. Jaukovic was born in Kraljevo, a small city in Serbia, where the Serbian culture has it’s roots and moved with his family 1993 to Podgorica. In 1999 the NATO aggression had destroyed a lot of houses, flats, schools, hospitals and other objects in Kraljevo, about 50 people died in just four months in this town. Jaukovic opposed the NATO accession of Monte Negro in 2017. He was unemployed since 2013, lived in poverty and had seen no perspectives for his life in this system.On the Balkans a lot of people share the same fate. But there are many struggles against the corrupt governments, against NATO and upcoming EU accessions. The most of the people know that the rulers don’t represent their interests. The last corrupt elections in Serbia demonstrated, by huge protests, that the people are more than ready for the struggles. Only by supporting the progressive forces on the Balkans and building revolutionary unity the people can make this struggles successful!

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