MALDIVES - Mass protests against the government

Since the beginning of February, thousands of people are protesting against the ruling government and the increasing open fascist politics. The powerful protests bring the capital Male to standstill. President Abdulla Yameen declared a state of emergency for 15 days. From now on every demonstration is forbidden, with police brutality and huge number of arrests, he tries to hold down the protests against the corrupt government. But this won‘t stop the resistance, the people will go on to rebel against this fascist system.

In the last couple of years, especially since the presidential era of Yameen, the Chinese capital gets more influence at the Maldives. Of course that is a problem for the old imperialist countries which are in control of the country for the last decades. Especially the US-Imperialism and Great Britain try to use the broad protests to get their interests through. The rebellion goes on, now the important task of the rebelling people of the Maledives is, that they trust in their own force, to have no illusions in the parliamentary opposition.

It‘s right to rebel!

#Maldives #rebellion