MEXICO - Canadian Torex Gold Resources murders strikers

Since three months 600 workers of the Media Luna mine strike against the working conditions. With determination they struggle for a new contract, for a better payment and regulated working hours. The Canadian concern Torex Gold Resources murders to get the work back on track. The Mexican police and military is doing everything possible to assist them in their plan. Just 15 days after the strike was announced, two workers were murdered on their strike picket. The miners stood strong and continued their struggle even more determined. In January Quintín Salgado, a former miner who also is active in the struggle was beaten up and threatened with violence, if he stays inside the row of the strikers. On the 24 of January he was brutally murdered by the assassins of the Torex Gold Resources. In the end of February the Canadian concern want to start the work again, but the strikers are not intimidated. Even more determined they continue their struggle. Their murdered strikers won't be forgotten, they live on in struggle!

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