Austria - Police horses are becoming more and more an issue

In Austria, the demand for police horses is getting more and more concrete. Austrian Interior Minister Herbert Kickl (Freedom Party Austria, FPÖ) wants to create a mounted police unit for Vienna. "Good examples" for the Austrian government are France and Germany, one of the reasons why the French state needs them is for demonstrations and protests. They assume to have a better overview and be agile in action. It should serve these mounted units to intimidate the demonstrators more and to proceed with the greatest repression. But the Austrian rulers does not have much experience in this field in the near past, and also for politically reasons, police horses were not used for a long time, because the workers and people in Austria associated this kind of police methods with open repression and fascism, as they were used in the past in counterrevolutionary actions against the working class movement in the first Republic.

Now the Minister of the Interior is going to Bavaria (Germany) in the near future. It is well known that the Bavarian executive in Germany is one of the most reactive. It is interesting that the Austrian and German executive forces have been increasingly denying and working together in the past. Already at the G20 summit in Hamburg last year around 200 units of the Austrian executive branch were there and even led units in the "Schanzenviertel" to crack down the justified rebellion.

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