HONDURAS - Protests continue!

Last Saturday (3.2.2018) many protests took place all over the country against the new Honduran government. These protests are a continuation of the demonstrations from last year, where people took to the streets to protest against the outcome of the elections.

The elections from last year saw many irregularities, like a huge delay of the vote count after which the right-wing party (National Party of Honduras) came out victorious and the fact that Juan Orlando Hernández, the current president of Honduras, was being elected for the second time. Last time a president was about to assume the presidency twice, a military coup d'etat took place under the justification a two-term presidency went against the constitution. This time no one seems to care. No one but the people.

The opposing party (Alliance of Opposition against Dictatorship) under Salvador Nasralla called the Honduran population to rebel against the election results and even got the OAS (Organization of American States) involved, which did a measly job to solve this. In the end the OAS ignored all the irregularities presented to them and recognized Hernandez's presidency and fueled the conflict to come. Seeing how things looked, the Alliance of Opposition, called for protests until the end of the year and then to restart protests at the start of the new year.

During the demonstrations, in which men, women and kids took part, shops, banks and schools were forced to remain closed. The Honduran population has fought bravely for their rights and have erected barricades blocking important streets, which are raised quickly again after they've been torn down by the police. But the clashes have also seen violent crackdowns by the government. Since the start of the protests up to 40 people have been killed! Between the protestors are countless injured and up to 800 political prisoners!

The liberation of these prisoners have become a new reason of protest. People are demanding inconditional liberation of their incarcerated brothers and sisters, who are held captive only for fighting for their rights.

The leading forces of the Alliance of Opposition are threatening to keep demonstrating until their requests have been met and seeing the way things are going, if that's not the case, the government will soon find itself in a situation it cannot handle. It's time now for the Honduran people, who have already fought fiercely, to develop their own leadership from within the movement and not let themselves command by politicians, who will continue the legacy of selling their future.

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