IRELAND – At the end of May votes referendum on Abortion

In strictly Catholic Ireland, abortions have been illegal since 1983. Even after a rape or endangerment of the health of the mother, as in the case of a malformation of the fetus. In an illegal abortion threatened 14 years in prison but they "can" move abroad. Which is why thousands of Irish women go to England. Even the bourgeois institutes such as the UN Human Rights Council said the Irish abortion law was "cruel, inhuman and degrading".

But the government is trying to use the abortion referendum to weaken justified protests for a legal free and safe abortion. They try with the votes to deepen the illusion in the bourgeois parliament and give the appearance that they can make the patriarchal set "slightly better". As it is in many other countries in Europe. Have no confidence in the Parliament for decades trying to weaken with elections and reforms, the justified wrath of the masses of the people and first. The active Election Boycott should here as well be the answer of the feminists and democrats to fight not only the right to preterm but also to defend it!

The protests for a free, safe and legal abortion are justified!

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