BRAZIL - Rio de Janeiro: Reactionary Civil War

The genocide Brazilian state already shows how the reactionary civil war against the poor people is sharpening in 2018. 380 shootings were registered, being 36 shootings only in Cidade de Deus (God City) favela from January 1st to 31st in Rio de Janeiro state. A protest took place in January 31st after the police came at 7 in the morning and killed 3 people, the protesting people resisted making barricades, burning tires in the road and throwing stones and fireworks against the repression forces.

In January 12 the police officer Fábio Monteiro was found dead in an abandoned car 500 meters far from Jacarezinho favela. This was the justification for 250 police officers to invade the favela and unleashed their hate against the more than 100 thousand workers living in Jacarezinho. After a shooting 40 people were randomly arrested with no accusation against them and were only released one day after. One of the arrested citizens said he was a worker and showed his documents, which were thrown on the ground also he related that many were using the uniforms of their companies. Also a tobacco store was invaded by two police officers who stole two computers and destroyed the shop. In January 30, 300 police officers invaded the favela again and killed at least 3 people.

Also in Rocinha and Vidigal favelas in January 25 the police invaded with 300 police special forces ad started a shooting that lasted for 6 hours and continued for a week. The people were revolted and set a bus on fire on the road near the favela. A citizen of the favela told his house was destroyed and at least 4 people from his alley were killed.

Burning bus in the road near Vidigal favela.

In January 25 the army invaded the Chapadão complex and the people made barricades and burnt tires in protest to the invasion. It is more than clear the genocide state has only death to offer the people as the crisis of the bureaucratic capitalism in Brazil sharpens. The people always resist when they are attacked as history shows repeatedly and what we see nowadays in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. But this resistance needs to be organized and is up to the revolutionaries to lead the people in the struggle for their emancipation, of the destruction of the old state repression apparatus with people´s war.