Togo: Thousands of women protest against the government

The protests against the President Faure Gnassingbe started in December, where tens of Thousands went on the streets to end the presidency of Gnassingbe, who is in power since 2005, after his father was president in Togo for 38 years. Gnassigbe wants to end the limitation of two presidential terms, which would allow him to be president again in 2020 and 2025. The masses claim, that 50 years ruling of this family is enough.

End of January 2018 thousands of women went on the streets, to joint the protests against the government. The women are the most suppressed, they show it with their struggle on the streets.

The police used teargas to end the protests. 12 people were injured and 15 arrested!

Big parts of the demonstration are lead by the opposition, which also wants to rule the country. The struggling masses in Togo have to trust on their own power and organize them independently, to struggle against the imperialist exploitation and the servants of the imperialists in their country - the government!

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