CANADA - PCR Canada publishes ISKRA

The Revolutionary Communist Party of Canada (PCR-RCP) published a new magazine. We translate parts of the declaration to its initiation, to support this important contribution in the struggle against the Canadian opportunists:

ISKRA is the new journal of the Revolutionary Communist Party / Parti communiste révolutionnaire (PCR-RCP). It is constituted as the central organ of the party, as a great center of relay and diffusion for all of its slogans, analyzes, polemics and political battles. ISKRA will be the main propaganda tool of the reconstruction period of our party and one of the key hotspots of our deployment in the coming years.


All this potential crystallises today in what we call the reconstruction of the party. It is the period of time, more or less long, during which the camp of the revolution will succeed in reorganizing itself by grasping and materializing all which allowed it to be delimited in his fight against revisionism. This is the great challenge, the first major attempt in the practice of all those who have declared themselves loyal and partisan to the People's War and who have come together under the slogan of continuing the struggle for power and the strategic progression towards the initiation of the People's War. We are the Continuators! We are the new Bolsheviks! Comrades, let's be proud! Let's rebuild the Revolutionary Communist Party! Face the storm and take up the political battle in the second stage of fighting against the Canadian opportunists! Let us master the issues of the class struggle and develop a broad movement of connection with the working class and revolutionary action among the masses From our action will follow; that a thousand and one sparks ignite the country!