ETHIOPIA - Freedom to all political prisoners, death to imperialism!

Four days ago (27th of January), the Ethiopian government announced to release all political prisoners from Oromia region. They all, 2.345 people got imprisoned in the protests from 2015 and 2016. Some days before the government already released Merera Gudina, the Oromo opposition leader and some other persons. Just some weeks ago tensions in the country rose again, when it came to ethnic clashes with several deaths. In the past, there have been massacres by police that killed 900 Oromo protesters.

So, what stands behind the change of the states policy?

The protest got to a threat for the government and imperialists investments.

Ethiopia is one of Africans countries with the highest rate of economic growth. This got possible by landgrabing of fertile land and by building up industry. The people and especially oppressed ethnic groups like the Oromo didn’t benefit from this at all. Their poverty is growing.

The protesters not only turned against the police and military by burning down police stations, they also burned down factories and trucks.

The released opposition leader Merera Gudina has a big influence in the Oromo people. His release not only calmed down the people, he is also a potential new puppy for the imperialists and could bring them more stability for some time, when he would get president,…

A proof for this hypothesis is the fact that he already mat US and German ambassadors just before he held a rally with his supporters.

The announced release of 2.345 political prisoners is a sign for the strengthen of the peoples resistance. That traitors like Gudina can use this for their benefit shows us once again the necessity of a communist party that leads the struggle to its end.

Freedom to all political prisoners!

Death to imperialism!