NEPAL - Menstrual taboo kills women

There are more and more deaths of women which come to light, because they are victims of an old conventional practice which is called "chhaupdi". Recently a woman was killed by suffocation in Kathmandu. She was not allowed to sleep in her own house, because of her menstruation. "Chhaupdi" is an old tradition in the west of Nepal and is closely linked with hindu-religion. Women which are menstruating are are called as unclean. It is said that, if women touch the meal of the family, the whole family would be ill. If women are touching a tree, the tree would never be in fruit.

Therefore women are not allowed to be around their family or go into their houses, while they are menstruating . They have to wait during that time in dangerous cottages out in nature.

Most of those women are imperiled and are very often victims of rapes, sknake-bites, death from exposure or death by suffocation.

There is a huge and wide information campaign going on in Nepal against those patriarchal tradition. In summer 2016 this conventional practice was forbidden by law. But this is not a handicap for all those patriarchal structural circumstances in many family associations.

This vile old hindu-tradition in Nepal makes clear, that no single law is able to protect one woman!

The only way of emancipation and enlightenment is proletarian feminism! Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has shown up where the real cause of oppression of women is and has blaze a path in which we are able to stop the oppression.

Women fight back and organize for revolution!

* In the past women already played a very important role within the revolutionary and militant struggle in Nepal.

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