FRANCE – Memorialize for Comrade Pierre!

On Saturday the 20th January a memorialize for comrade Pierre took place in Paris. The comrade dedicated his life for revolution. He always was putting effort to establish and to maintain internationalism and who supported and organize the youth in France. That was showed at the memorialize, hundred of revolutionaries from France and Europe were joining.

The memorialize included some speeches of relatives and of the PCM (Parti Communiste Maoiste). A workers choir was singing old songs about the Paris commune. After that the members went to the metro station where the accident happened. They laid down two chaplets in memories for comrade Pierre. On the next they went to the cemetery Pere Lachaise, where the delegations of the international members said there condolence to the comrades.

His death left sorrow and is a great bereavement, he left great experiences and achievements, branded into the hearts of all who have struggled at his side. We have to took his experience in our struggles to hold up his life!

Long life of Comrade Pierre!

Long live the Maoist Communist Party of France!

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