TUNISIA - Progress towards newdemocratic revolution

Like we already informed in an article from the 11th of January, there are ongoing mass protests in Tunisia which led to at least 850 people in prison and one dead demonstrator.

Since the outbreak of Arab spring in Tunisia about 7 years ago there hasn´t been a silent moment in the country and it came to regular unrest. While some are disappointed about the fact, that nothing has changed since the overthrow of the dictator Ben Ali, we need to see the big progresses towards newdemocratic revolution (the type of revolution that liberates oppressed countries from imperialism) in the country since then.

The Arab spring was a spontaneous mass uprise that begun in Tunisia and swept over to several other Arab countries. It clearly expressed the need for a newdemocratic revolution in each of these countries and for a communist party based on maoism leading it.

In Tunisia there are maoist organizations that are supporting the process of constructing of a communist party in their country.



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