CHILE - Mapuche defend ceremonial place

Last year on the 25th of December, the two Mapuche communities Vicente Reinahuel and Juan Painepe Dos made a spiritual ceremony, known as Guillatun, on land they've been claiming back from the Chilean state and the "National Corporation for Indigenous Development" (CONADI). This land encompasses an area of 13 000 hectare land and is currently owned by Agricola Las Vertientes, a company that focuses on agriculture.

The Mapuche people following their tradition of celebrating this ceremony on grounds that are rightfully theirs were not gonna let anyone stop them from performing Guillatun at their sacred grounds. Agricola Las Vertientes did not like this and with the help of the Chilean state tried to stop this ceremony. To make sure the Mapuche were driven off and intimidated, they sent the Chilean Special Forces to break the festivity apart


While trying to break up the ceremony the Chilean Special Forces shot at one Mapuche causing severe wounds on one of his shoulders. All of this just to show their power and spread fear on people, who were just taking part in a peaceful ceremony, a ceremony which is centered in building strength within the community.

But even after this crackdown on their celebration the Mapuche are not giving up! They plan to keep doing Guillatun the following years. They will not be driven away from the land, which belongs to them. They won't hesitate to celebrate and take part in their old traditions, which make up a part of their culture and identity!

We salute the Mapuche people in their fight for their rights and even more so for their fight against the oppression by the Chilean state!

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