BANGLADESH - Workers of jute mills protest for due wages for days

More than 25.000 workers of eight jute mills in Jessore and Khulna had lay down the work since the end of December to reach their 11-point-demands and to stop production of those factories.

The 11-point-demand contains, among other points, payment of remaining wages to 35.000 workers (one to three monthly wages), regular wage payment and firing of corrupt officials from administration.

The 11-point-demand was proclaimed at 28th December 2017 by the official mill CBA-Non CBA Oikya Parishad in Bangladesh.

Those eight mills, in which are stoppage in production, are Crescent Jute Mill, Platinum Jute Mill, Khalispur Jute Mill, Daulatpur Jute Mill, Star Jute Mill, Alim Jute Mill, Eastern Jute Mill and JJI Jute Mill.

Five factories, including Crescent Jute Mill, Star Jute Mill and Khalishpur Jute Mill payed one rate wage and one monthly wage on Thursday.

The general secretary of Crescent Jute Mill Sohrab Hossain announced that the workers would only work if the wages are payed back completely.

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