SUDAN - Mass protests against rising prices

Since last Saturday, the 6th of January, widespread protests arose in Sudan in a lot of cities. The protests got even bigger after the murder of one student on Sunday at the demonstration by the police.

With the reactionary budget for 2018 the prices for flour got 3 times bigger and the subsidiaries for electricity is getting cut. The price for bread has doubled with beginning of the year. A lot of bakeries said they will close their companies.

In an attempt to crack down the ongoing protests, the police uses teargas and beats up the protesters, an not yet known number of protestors are injured, a lot are arrested and the government blocked the sale of six newspapers which reported on the increasing bread prices. The protestors burned cars and blocked the streets in some cities. The interior minister denied that the demonstrations were in response to the rising prices and said to the demonstrations, the people who cause destruction will be „dealt with forcefully“.

The rise of the bread price is also due to the privatization of the grain-import in Sudan, which helps especially the imperialist companies and suppresses the farmers and Sudanese people even more.

Sudan is a very good country for agricultural production, especially grain. Imperialism is destroying the local economy to gain the most profit.

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