BRASIL/CHILE - Tribute to Comrade Remis Carla

Today we have sad news, today we write about Comrade Remis Carla's death. She was cowardly assasinated and hidden away by her boyfriend in December. This assasination is a direct and gruesome example of the patriarchy, which causes pain and oppression throughout the globe. Patriarchy and imperialism are enemies of the whole of humanity, that's why the fight against patriarchy and imperialism are international! Many organisations worldwide have come forward to show their support and pay their tributes and continue the battle. We at New Epoch Media salute Comrade Remis Carla and uphold her memories and fighting spirit in our future fights against patriarchy and imperialism!

In this sense, we want to share one of these tributes paid by Chilean comrades, who also made a video in honor to Comrade Remis:

"From different revolutionary organisations in Chile we salute and we pay tribute to comrade Remis Carla, militant of Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) and Revolutionary Popular Student’s Movement (MEPR) from Brasil, tireless revolutionary and maoist, who was assasinated and hidden away by her ex-boyfriend last month.

At 24 years of age she was torn from this path, but she will remain alive in each and every one of us, in every action that leads to the revolution, as also in our daily fight against the patriarchy, which is the product of this society divided in classes in which we live in, in our implacable battle against imperialism and everyone who oppresses the people.

We know today that her assesination is also the fault of the old Brasilian state, which does not protect the popular women in any aspect. We fight firmly to build a new society. Smash imperialism and patriarchy with the Proletarian Revolution!"

Many other organisations have made tributes and contributions to the life and struggle of Comrade Remis Carla:

Original (in Spanish):

More on Comrade Carla Remis' life:

Statement of League of Poor Peasants (LCP) and Popular Women’s Movement (MFP) (in Poruguese):

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