INDIA - Huge Protests of Dalits shut Mumbai down

Last Thursday hundreds of persons, which are part of the Dalit, started a huge protest in Mumbai, Pune and in many parts in the west of the federal state Maharashtra.The Dalit are gathered in the lowest caste and are subject of the most massive discrimination in the whole country. The Dalit are official called "scheduled caste" and respresent 16 percent of the indian population.Reason of the masseprotest was the death of a 28 year old man on Monday. He was killed by hind-fascist groups, which disturbed a commemorative event of Dalit-acitivists.The protests knocked out public life in Mumbai. Railroad lines and busses were blocked.Around hundred of protesters were arrested and the police stepped in very violent into the masses.Intention of those huge protests in India was to call attention that the officiall Anti-Dalit-Discrimination is only empty phrase and the gonverning party tolerates nationalistic attacks against Dalit-communities.

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