Bulgaria - EU council presidency

Bulgaria gets for the first time the EU - council presidency. The themes of asylum and migration politics, as well as the Brexit talks and the EU- budget will be the main topics for Bulgaria in the first half of 2018. In the so called refugee crisis the government of Bulgaria showed themselves as a reliable puppets of the EU-Imperialists. Like as the president of Bulgaria Boyko Borissov at his new year speech declared that they will continue to protect the borders of Europe and stay a stable and calculable partner in the EU. In this period they also want to advance the negotiations of the neighboring states for joining

the EU. At the 11. January they will celebrate the council presidency, also Jean-Claude Juncker will join the celebrations. In the second period of 2018 Austria will get the presidency.

At the same time the country’s first “anti-corruption” law had only been passed in December of 2017. It included enabling the agency of seizing illegally acquired property. The Bulgarian president Rumen Radew has vetoed on Tuesday, January 2nd against the making of a new „anti-corruption-agency”. He said it would be an impossible task. He’s also stated that people who call out and protest against corruption should not be protected, so that action could be taken against them.

Like in all bureaucratic-capitalist countries, corruption is very high in Bulgaria. But what’s special is that not a single Politician has ever been sentenced for corruption charges in the 11 years of their EU membership.

The last time that Bulgarian people protested against the corruption on a large scale was in 2013, where tens to hundreds of thousands demonstrated against all parliamentary parties and their corrupt actions!

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