IRAN – Tens of thousands protest against the government

A wave of mass protests swept over Iran in the last days. Tens of thousand participated in the demonstrations, at least one thousand have been imprisoned and 27 were killed by the repressive forces. The Iranian state tries to suppress the protest by force, they sent the military, as well as they shut down the social media. Also at least one member of the so called revolutionary guards, a military force of the Iranian government, was killed during the struggles. The fact that he was shot, shows that some of the protesters already take up arms. At first the movement directed their demands on mainly economic problems, such as the high rate of unemployment or the high costs for living and others. But soon the government got their target more and more. They shouted slogans like death to Rouhani or death to the dictator, which clearly shows how sick and tired at least some parts of the people’s masses in the Iranian cities are of the rulers who sell their country to the Imperialists.

What we see in Iran is the justified rebellion of the people’s masses, but so far their is no clear leadership in the protests. Therefore many different political forces try to use the protests for their own goals and to establish leadership over the struggles. Also the western imperialist powers under the leadership of the USA try to use this movement for their own benefits. In some cities of Europe were manifestations and demonstrations in solidarity with the movement in Iran. But in this manifestations also reactionary forces took part who used the old Persian flag, which was used by the Shah who was an marionette of US-Imperialism. It is to be seen how the protests will develop, if the people will establish a progressive leadership in this protests and do a next step.

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