DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC CONGO - Protests and repression are going on

Last week demonstrators burn down one of the residences of Joseph Kabila, the former president of the country who refuses to step back since December 2016. This was one reaction towards his decision to stay in power, even though he promised to start elections till December 2017.

In the protests that took place this and last week at least seven people got killed and the government is willing to kill more.

The role of the imperialists in this situation is full of hypocrisy. To keep their democratic face, they criticize president Kabila for endangering a not existing democracy in the Democratic Republic Congo (DRC). At the same time they support him and his dictatorship with their troops from the UN-mission (United Nations) “Monusco.”

All in all, the situation in the DRC is good and has a shining perspective. As we already noticed in another article about the DRC from the 27th of December the imperialists and their servants are those that need to be scared about their life. Only on one day 19 soldiers responsible for securing exploitation in the DRC got killed by “rebels” and a bit more than a week ago unknown persons burned down one of Kabilas residences.

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