Kosovo – Protests against the increase of the wages for the head of the government

Ramush Haradinaj increased his monthly wage about 50%, from 1500€ to 3000€. It was his first act since he became head of the government. Haradinaj said that the reason for the increase is his clothing compulsory: „I have to be on the level of my responsibilities. I have to wear a tie, i cannot go on the streets like just every one else, i need to wear a shirt.“ For sure, this is no excuse for such an increase of the wage for a head of the government, in a country which has no independence. This is simply disgusting in a country which is sold out to the imperialists by their flunkies and where unemployment (30%) and poverty are enormous. A pensioner in Kosovo gets 75€ per month, only 2,5% of the wage from Ramush Haradinaj.

In the capital city Prishtina, some symbolic protests which include hundreds of people took place. They hung some ties on the fence where the seat of the government is located. The people has no interests in the rulers getting every month a new tie or shirt, what they want is bread and not having to save money for months, so that they can buy some new clothes. The fact that Haradinaj acts just for his own interests means that the people of Kosovo will intensify there fury and it will affect the next Protests.

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