PERU - Fujimori was given pardon

The enemy of the Peruvian people, the mass murderer Alberto Fujimori was released out of prison on the 24.12.2017. The last president of Peru, the marionette of the US-Imperialism is responsibly for mass-murder on the Peruvian people. His military and his paramilitaries terrorized and killed thousands of people. He is responsibly for ordering the forced sterilizations of over 500.000 native people.

His presidential era from 1990 until 2000 was the time of an big counterrevolutionary offensive by the old Peruvian state, directly supported and led by the US-Imperialists. In this time many hundreds of great revolutionaries and communists gave their life in the struggle for power. These martyrs live on in the todays struggle of Peruvian people and the international proletariat.

This last act of the Peruvian bourgeoisie will further smash illusions inside the people to the parliament and the bourgeois justice. As the president of today, Kuczynski, was promoted at the last elections as the big alternative against the Fujimori family. The daughter of Fujimori was his rival in the elections, is now that person who released Fujimori out of prison.

First big and fierce demonstrations were hold up in Lima, were the Peruvian state became to feel the hate and anger of the Peruvian people.

Also on the second day the protests didn't calm down, in Lima over 6000 people were on the streets. Also in other parts of the country, such as Arequipa, Ayacucho, Puno, Tacna and Trujillo, the people put up fierce demonstrations.

While the ruling class is slowly murdering the great leader of the Peruvian revolution, the greatest Marxist alive, Chairman Gonzalo, they let one of the greatest enemies of the Peruvian people out of prison. The people won't forget and won't forgive, they will move even more determined forward in their struggle!

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