Congo: Residence of President Kabila was burned down

One of the several residences of President Joseph Kabila was burned down in the night of 24th until 25th of December. Kabilas final term as president should be over in 2016, but there were still no elections held off. In the attack, also one police officer was killed by the militants, they took munition and weapons.

In the beginning of December there also was an attack on the Blue Helmet Soldiers in Congo. Near to the city Beni, 14 Blue Helmets and 5 Congolese soldiers were killed in an attack by “rebel groups”, 53 were injured. The “rebels” attacked a base of the Blue Helmet Soldiers in Semuliki, 45 kilometers from the city of Beni. In the recent history there were several attacks there, but this was the biggest, so UN-spokesman Farhan Haq. Now they got a mandate for offensive(!) operations from the UN. The UN-Blue Helmet Operation “Monusco” in Congo ist the biggest and most expensive in the world. According to UN-Informations since beginning of the Mission in 1999 over 300 Blue Helmet Soldiers were killed.

Expecially the “allowance” of offensive Operation shows the warmongering and aggressive character of the Blue Helmets. They are not there for real “peace”, they support the interests of the imperialists, as well as the President Kabila is only a laky of the imperialists, so they get attacked more and more times.

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