NIGERIA- Protests against police violence

In the beginning of December there started Protests against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), which is a state institution, propagated for the „safety“ of the people. The people are struggling against the state violence, intimidation, extortion and killings by the SARS. They struggle for the immediate stop of this institution.

In a lot of cities in Nigeria the protest on the streets, but also in social media as #EndSARS, increase. They demand justice for the victims of brutality and murder, because before the SARS officers never had to go to court, investigations have not been made. In Port Harcourt hundreds of protesters, armed with sticks, stormed the premises of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, demanding the stop of SARS and the labeling requirement of police officers.

The fascist state institution had also their propaganda on the streets, hundreds of people demonstrated in support of SARS. The Deputy Inspector General of Police said: “Just as there is no perfect human institution or person that is why reforming SARS is the best way to go.” With the line of “reforming” SARS, this protest show that they are open servants of the government and enemies of the justified struggle of the people, who demand the immediate scrapping.

In the protests the people show, that a huge part have no illusions any more in the corrupt state and its institutions, they trust in their own force and continue their struggle!

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