ETHIOPIA - At least 60 people killed in ethnic clashes

On the 18th of December at least 60 people got killed in ethnic clashes in Ethiopia´s Oromia. According to different news it came to ethnic clashes between the Oromo people and Somalis. Similar incidents have already occurred in past, but this is one of the biggest since a long time. This is sad, because everybody dead in such conflict is one to much and distracts the real contradictions in the country. The one between imperialism and oppresses peoples and nations which got quite obvious in the past decades and years in the country.

Just on the 26th of October Oromo people protested against the corrupt puppet government that is selling Ethiopian's oil to international concerns, expelling the poor population from their fields and leading to hunger deaths. In this protests 10 people got killed by police.

In 2016 protests of the Oromo people were that strong, that the government imposed a state of emergency that led to several hundred dead and till it´s lift in August 2017, 21.000 people got imprisoned.

It´s for sure difficult to have a clear view on the happenings in Ethiopia, but it´s a well known strategy of reaction to split the people and lead them into war against each other. This strategy might work for some time, but in their struggle for liberation the people learn who is their real enemy and so, also the Oromo did in past, when they founded the Oromo Liberation Front in 1973 for their selfe-determination which didn´t fought in enmity with other ethnic groups.