USA - Unarmed Man Shot Dead by Police Officer

Mesa, Arizona - On the trial of Philip Brailsford, a police officer who brutally shot an unarmed civilian in 2016, new video footage has been released. In this video the last moments of the victim, Daniel Shaver, can be seen. Shaver and his wife appear in the video leaving their hotel room, when they are surprised by the police waiting for them on the hall. The police men were armed to the teeth with assault rifles. The situation was really tense and it put a huge strain on Shaver, who was being ordered at gunpoint to follow orders or to get shot otherwise. At this point Brailsford did not hesitate to use his power to order around Shaver. He made him follow useless orders, which he had to follow on point in order to survive. This only led Shaver to get even more confused and nervous. In the video he is first seen nervously following orders, but as time passes the orders begin to become more exact and the police officer's patience shorter. At this point Shaver begins to cry and beg for his life, but none of this, would ultimately safe his life. Being almost through the ordeal of following instructions at gunpoint, Shaver, while crawling to the officers as ordered, reaches for his waistband. At that point Brailsford pulls the trigger and puts 6 bullets inside Shaver's body, ending his life. In the video, which is now circulating the internet, it can be clearly seen that Shaver could have been handcuffed instead of being ordered around with a gun. Instead the triggerhappy police decided to show its power, order him around and ultimately get him killed. This gruesome new case of police shootings in the USA shows the horrible face of an everopressing system and a growing police state too eager to pull the trigger on its own population. The police of the USA is well-known for considering wallets and cellphones as threats and to use them as an excuse to shoot people, but for the police to shoot an unarmed man on the floor, shows a new dimension of this problem. It raises the question on why such a video has been broadcasted to the public. This video has been making its round across so called "social media" and many news platforms all over the world have already put it up in their websites. It's important to note here, that the police is the arm of the state and as such it will strike down on whomever it sees fit. In this case just to show an example of what could happen to everybody next. This show of brutality and coldness and disregard of human life, is just that, an example. The state is using this gruesome video as a tactic of intimidation against the population. It wants to show its own straighten and ruthlessness by making an example out of Shaver, a person who was neither armed, nor posed any threat. This move by the US government is a clear sign against the people living in the USA. Now it's clearer than ever, the police in the USA are getting more militarized, but also even more ruthless than ever. On the flipside, this only shows the vulnerability and fear of the ruling class, otherwise they wouldn't be taking such extreme measures. It's time for the masses to organize and defend themselves against these oppressive methods. It's time to put an end to these series of killings! What better place than here? What better time than now!

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