GREECE - Mass demonstration and strike against the government

From December the 14th on, nation-wide demonstrations and strikes against the government and it's austerity policy interrupted the Greek daily routine. Although the actions were organized by the state unions ADEDY and GSEE, as well as the (self-proclaimed) communist union PAME, to the people it is justified to struggle!

The strikes and demonstrations were directed against poverty, taxes, unemployment, pension cut-backs of -30%, privatization projects, and planned restrictions on the right to strike. In many cities, the masses demonstrated. In Thessaloniki at least 8000 people, and in Athens at least 20.000 people marched the streets, making their anger known.

The strikes in the differing branches were held for at least 4 up to 24 hours. For example, journalists stroked for 24 hours with no news coverage in radio or television. Also on strike were railway workers and dock workers, all drivers of public transit in Athens and Thessaloniki, aviation technicians, state schools and many government agencies, as well as doctors, who only treated emergency patients.

Peculiar the last years of the economical struggles in Greece also have shown it’s narrowness against the imperialistic oppression and exploitation. That does not mean it is pointless to struggle on that topic, but that clearly shows that the people’s movement has to go more further – away from the leadership of bourgeois union and other organizations!

The rebellion of the Greek masses is justified! Death to imperialism!

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