CZECH REPUBLIC - Antifascist protests against fascist conference

From the 15th to the 16th of December a fascist conference is being held in Prague, the capital of the country. It is a conference of the European parliaments fraction “Europe of nations and freedom” and it is organized by the Czech party “Sovereignty and direct democracy party(SPD)”. Parts of this conference are the open fascist “Freedoms party of Austria (FPÖ)”, the ”National front (FN)” from France and the “Dutch Freedom party (PVV).” This parties represent the most aggressive fraction of monopoly Bourgeoisie in their countries and are from a big part formed out of Nazis. Although they are not the only fascist parties in their countries they are among the most obvious so they really deserve the hate and rebellion of the people. Everywhere where this fascists gather, also in Czech republic there are protest against them. Local antifascists are campaigning against this event since a while. There have been several actions, also one illegal demonstration that disturbed an event of SPD. There will also be protests on the days the conference is taking place with the goal to disturb them as much as possible. The antifascist are in a objective good position. In their moral they profit from previous victories like from the protests against the party congress of the German Nazi party AFD(Alternative for Germany) which took place just some days ago and managed to disturb the congress, although there war a huge number of police present.

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