ALBANIA – Floods because of Imperialism!

If it is raining in Albania about 125 liters per square meter is falling down. This is usual in Albania on rainy days. Through the imperialistic exploitation that had become a big problem for the masses. Because 65% of the forest have already be cut down for the profit of imperialism. One tree is able to save 100 liter of rainwater. Over one million trees had been cut down. That why “normal rain” had become a big problem!

Forestry in Albania had all become private, which led to mafia - structures and very expansive reafforestation. On places where before had been forest, now a days there are palmoil plantations.

In Cities like Tirana and Durres, because of the politics of EU and there projects of new buildings, every possibility for rainwater canalization was destroyed. So that now because of rain the cities often get flood.

It became very absurd and scornful when Johnnes Hahn (EU commission) says that for example the canalization of Vlore is a “showcase” of the EU.

The latest flood happened in the first days of December 2017, in which 3.000 houses got flooded and at least one person died!

That is one example how imperialism is destroying everything, including the natural environment, of the oppressed countries!

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