AUSTRALIA - Antifascists resist attacks by fascists and police

Since a while there are protests against the obviously fascistic policy against refugees of the Australian authorities. The Australian state is blocking refugees already on the ocean, sending them to the Manus prison camps on neighboring island states like Papua New Guinea, built with money from Australia. In the war against refugees, the fascists are one of the most loyal servants. They attack anti-racists and antifascists that demand democratic rights for refugees and get protected by police. So it happened on the 24th of November, when a already known fascist attacked an anti-racist gathering in Melbourn. While he stormed the protest platform police didn’t do anything, but the anti-racist who pushed him away was immediately was pressed to the ground by police and got arrested. The demonstrators gathered in front of the police and demand his release. The police attacked the demonstrators and one of them fell with his head to the ground. He was badly hurt, but instead of giving the men medical help they let him lie on the ground for half an hour bleeding and rescued the fascist. This didn’t discourage the demonstrators. They started again a spontaneous demonstration through the streets of Melbourne and led it to an end, although they got attacked by police while they marched!

#antifascist #antiracist #refugees